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Seamless solutions to help Practice Administrators facilitate workflow, and ensure compliance.

We understand the challenges faced by many Ophthalmology and Optometry Administrators when it comes to ensuring patient compliance with recommended treatments & products. The DryEye Rescue platform helps to alleviate these issues by providing a seamless solution for both clinicians and patients.

One-Stop Shop for all your products

400+ OTC Products and Diagnostic Supplies

No Minimums! Order just what you need.

Save time and ensure compliance

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Save time, prevent overstock, and get peace of mind when it comes to patient compliance.

Efficient ordering process for all your products.

We offer a one-stop shop with over 400 OTC products and diagnostic supplies. Ordering all your products from one source not only saves valuable time but also prevents overstocking since no longer the need to buy in bulk.

No Minimums! Order just what you need.

400+ OTC Products and Diagnostic Supplies

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Our system is designed to let you stay in control.

No more sending patients to the aisles of uncertainty at the grocery store or relying on third-party platforms like Amazon.

Dryeye Rescue ensures that clinics retain control over both profits and patient compliance, fostering a reliable and sustainable approach to at-home care.

Ensure patients leave your clinic with the correct product recommended for their needs.

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Access to all your essential diagnostics and specialty products.

In addition to OTC products, you can also order Ophthalmic Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostic Supplies from our platform.

Ophthalmic Solutions
Amniotic Membranes
Punctal Plugs

Additional tools and ways to improve compliance

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Simple setup to capture online orders from your patients

Our Product Referral Pads are designed to help practices capture online sales and increase patient compliance by making sure patients are getting the correct product if ordering on their own at DryEyeRescue.com.

These pads can be personalized with practice logo, unique QR Code affiliate link, and custom promo code to ensure offices receive credit from online purchases made by their patients.

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Elevate Your Clinic's Impact with our Kiosk Displays

Our Display Kiosks help practices:

  • Create Awareness:
    Capture patient attention and generate interest in your products and treatments through strategically placed displays.
  • Centralized Visibility:
    Offer a centralized location for showcasing a diverse range of over 400+ OTC products, simplifying the decision-making process for patients and enhancing their overall experience
  • Boost Checkout Conversion Rates:
    Drive revenue growth by strategically placing displays to inform and guide patients, increasing the likelihood of informed purchases and reinforcing patient compliance.
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Rescue Pack: Free Products For Doctors & Staff

Our Rescue Packs are designed to give doctors and staff a first hand experience with a variety of the latest dry eye products.

The goal is to encourage doctors and staff to try out the products, gather feedback and determine which products they feel could help their patients manage dry eyes at home.


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