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Free Dry Eye Products For Doctors & Staff

Fourth edition set to release Q1 2024. Sign-up below.

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The first edition of Rescue Pack was a great success and we already reached our quota for the second edition set to ship out March 2023. 

Our Rescue Packs are designed to give doctors and staff a first hand experience with a variety of the latest dry eye products.

The goal is to encourage doctors and staff to try out the products, gather feedback and determine which products they feel could help their patients manage dry eyes at home.

In addition, the Rescue Pack box includes tools to help practices easily recommend products and capture online sales from their patients:

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Rescue Pack x Bowden Eye Video Review

In this creative video review, Dr. Jerry Robben from Bowden Eye (Home of Dry Eye University) shares his experience with DryEye Rescue, and provides great feedback on the Rescue Pack. 

Unboxing Rescue Packs!

Watch doctors unbox and share their feedback on their DryEye Rescue Pack.

Product Guide

Product Guide Brochure

Custom Product Guide Brochure featuring products inside the Rescue Pack.

DER Product Pad

Product Referral Pad

Our Product Referral Pads are designed to help practices capture online sales and increase patient compliance by making sure patients are getting the correct product if ordering on their own at

These pads are personalized with practice logo, unique QR Code affiliate link, and custom promo code to ensure offices receive credit from online purchases made by their patients.

Website Referral Cards

Our Referral Cards are a great tool to help practices generate more revenue by capturing online sales at

These pads are personalized with practice logo, unique QR Code affiliate link, and custom promo code to ensure offices receive credit from online purchases made by their patients.

DER Referral Cards

Wholesale Product Catalog

Full color, printed wholesale catalog showcasing all products currently available to doctors.
cultivate dry eye patients

Increase in-office treatments by offering more at-home products

Offering at-home treatment options to patients can be a great way to help increase in-office treatments.

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Did you know there are over 500 Dry Eye Products designed to help patients manage their dry eyes?

Over the past 3 years, the eye care market has seen a rapid expansion of both over-the-counter and Prescription dry eye treatments available.

DryEye Rescue has partnered with the leading dry eye product manufacturers to streamline the process of both trying and ordering the products.

For many practices focused on dry eye, starting patients with at-home treatment options has been a key strategy to help patients consent to in-office dry eye treatments and take the next step in treating their eyes.

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Trying Out New Dry Eye Products

The DryEye Rescue pack provides doctors and staff with the chance to try dry eye products they’ve might never seen, held, or tried before.

Having a first hand, positive experience with products is key for doctors and staff to start recommending it to patients.

It's our belief that every doctor and staff should have first hand experience with all products before they recommend them to their patients.

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Free Product Pad

Capture Online Sales with the Product Referral Pad

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$0 Cost Displays

Zero cost display packages for practices inventorying products.

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Build Your Own Kit

Build your own, personalized dry eye quick start kit.

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See how DryEye Rescue helps practices create the environment to cultivate dry eye patients.

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