Drop-Ship Dry Eye Products

Practices can now drop-ship dry eye products directly to your patients.

New Dropship System

Allows you to inventory less products

Our drop-ship system is perfect for practices looking to offer dry eye products to their patients without having to stock large quantities of products in the office.

To get started simply register your practice for a FREE wholesale account and start capturing your share of this $5 billion dry eye products market.

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Capture your share of the $5 billion Dry eye products market

Market Scope recently reported that global revenues in the dry eye products and treatments market will climb from 4.6 billion in 2018 to 6.2 billion in 2023.

However, many practices haven’t been able to take complete advantage of this market due to all the challenges associated with offering dry eye products in the office.

Dryeye Rescue’s Partner Program offers 3 easy ways to help practices increase product sales. 

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Additional Ways To Increase Product Sales

Dryeye Rescue’s Partner Program offers 3 easy ways to help practices increase product sales. 

Product Displays

Our custom designed, eye-catching displays are perfect for practices looking to generate high volume in-office product sales.

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Stocking products is still the best way to maximize in-office capture rate.

It’s the most convenient way for your patients to buy products during their visit.

Without Inventory

For offices not interested in stocking products, our small displays can be used with or without actual products.

This versatile wall mount display integrates seamlessly with the popular Capio™ System.

Capio™ System Display

The Capio System Display eliminates the need for doctors to sell the products during the exam.

Doctors can simply place the recommended products on the Capio™ Clipboard and let staff do the rest.

Capio™ Product Label

The Capio™ Product Inserts are designed to represent a product label.

They’re made to be used in the shelves (instead of actual products).

Patient Dropship

Our robust Dropship system allows practices to easily ship products direct to their patients, in the click of a button.

Dropship allows offices to maintain little to no inventory and still provide patients with convenient access to the products they need. 

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Consumer Web Store

Our consumer website allows doctors gain revenue without inventorying products.

Practices that prefer to not stock products or use Dropship, can simply refer patients to DryEyeRescue.com and receive majority of the profit from your patient’s online purchase.

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Offices associated with online purchases receive majority of the profit.

When patients shop online, their orders are automatically linked to their eye doctor.

Referral Flyer With Custom Promo Code

Registered offices can get a flyer personalized with their practice logo and special promo code.

These flyers provide your patients with a special discount and are great to track sales based on the custom promo code entered during checkout.


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