Provider Focused. Patient Driven.

DryEye Rescue is built to help eye care providers expand their dry eye services, and offer patients convenient access to specialized dry eye care.

Our company focuses on two primary divisions: Providers (Doctors) and Consumers (Patients).

For Doctors

On the Provider Division, we deliver solutions that enable eye doctors to expand their dry eye services and improve the patient experience in their offices. Our program is specifically designed to help doctors increase revenue through product sales and convert more in-office dry eye treatments.

For Patients

On the Consumer Division, we provide patients with convenient access to everything they need for managing dry eye. Through our platform, patients can easily shop for doctor-recommended dry eye products, learn more about dry eye disease, and locate nearby specialists for effective dry eye relief.

Our Journey

Our journey began with Dr. Aaron Evans, an experienced optometrist and accomplished business developer in the eye care industry. Familiar with the challenges of dry eye disease, both from seeing patients’ struggles and understanding the difficulties for eye doctors on the business side of dry eye, he envisioned a better way forward.

In 2019, he partnered with Thiago Pinheiro, a branding expert with notable contributions in dentistry and eye care, and together they founded DryEye Rescue. Their goal was to bring solutions to both eye care professionals and patients suffering from dry eye.

Aaron’s experience as an eye doctor and his vision to improve eye care, combined with Thiago’s marketing skills and the support of their amazing team, led to the rapid development of the DryEye Rescue brand. As a team, they created pivotal elements of the brand, such as the groundbreaking Kiosk Display, marking significant milestones in their mission.

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Proving Our Concept

For any new venture to succeed, its ideas and concepts require initial testing to enable improvements and growth. Fortunately, DryEye Rescue had the perfect ecosystem for testing their innovative solutions, thanks to Eyecare Advisors. Aaron’s private practices in South Florida were key to bringing the DryEye Rescue system to fruition and proving its concept.

This process was made possible and executed under the direction of Dennis Evans Jr. in provider development, with Kirsten Cooperman and Josefina Born handling practice implementation, and Dr. Ryan Beck overseeing the medical aspects.

The team spent the first three years implementing the system in multiple locations, deploying solutions aimed at helping eye doctors grow their practices and providing patients with easier access to dry eye care.

Fast forward a few years, our team has grown with amazing talent, becoming the key reason for the company’s expansion and success, and DryEye Rescue has become one of the most innovative and exciting brands in eye care.

DER Team
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DryEye Rescue now represents straightforward solutions to doctors looking to expand their dry eye services and serves as a beacon of hope for patients suffering from dry eye disease.

Our Kiosk Display

Our team recognized the importance of both patient compliance and the opportunity for practices to increase revenue through product sales, helping offset the costs of operating private practices.

They saw potential in the retail strategy used for optical sales, where products displayed directly to customers tend to sell themselves, similar to eyeglasses in a showroom.

This idea led to the creation of the DryEye Rescue Kiosk Display, an innovation designed by our creative team and a key feature of the DryEye Rescue brand.

The DryEye Rescue display has transformed how eye doctors ensure compliance, offer patients easy access to over-the-counter (OTC) products, and streamline product inventory management in their offices. Beyond just products, the kiosk has become an essential tool for enhancing dry eye awareness and education within practices.

The DryEye Rescue Kiosk is now featured in hundreds of offices across the country, with its rapid adoption continuing to spread, significantly gaining market share in the eye care industry.

DER Hybrid Displays
The DryEye Rescue brand is positioned to rescue both doctors and patients.

Our Mission

Help people suffering with dry eye find proper care while also providing eye care professionals with solutions to expand dry eye services.

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Dry eye disease (DED) affects an estimated 50 million people in the United States, with approximately 35 million that are undiagnosed.
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Our Team

Meet our founders and the team behind our success.
aaron evans

Aaron Evans, O.D.

Founder & CEO

Thiago Pinheiro

Thiago Pinheiro

Founder & Marketing Director

Dennis Evans

Dennis Evans Jr.

Director of Provider Relations

The secret sauce behind our success.

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