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The Benefits of Treating Dry Eye

In these videos our eye doctors discuss the importance and benefits of treating dry eye disease in private practices.

Dryeye Rescue™ For ODs

Dryeye Rescue™ For MDs

Official Dryeye Rescue™ TV Commercial

Our latest tv ad features Linda, an existing Dryeye Rescue patient sharing her journey to dry eye relief.
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Patient Testimonial Video

In-Office Video Testimonial

Watch Linda explain how her dry eye problems affected her for many years and the solution she found with Dryeye Rescue™.

Local Dry Eye Specialists

Dryeye Rescue™ Clinic Showcase

Highlight reel showing dry eye technology and patient experience at current Dryeye Rescue™ locations.
Video Animation

MGD Treatment Animation

Meibomian gland disease treatment at Dryeye Rescue™.

POP Displays

Dryeye Rescue™ Displays

Our Dryeye Rescue™ Partner Program provides eye doctors with a simple turnkey solution to help practices sell more products in-office using our custom built and personalized displays.

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