Implementing DryEye Rescue

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Damon Dierker O.D.

Damon Dierker, O.D.

Elise Kramer, O.D.

Elise Kramer, O.D.

Janelle Davison O.D.

Janelle Davison, O.D.

Josh Davidson O.D.

Josh Davidson, O.D.

todd cohen O.D.

Todd Cohan, O.D.

Patient Compliance with DryEye Rescue

Eye Surgeons Of Indiana

Damon Dierker, OD, FAAO

In this zoom call with Dennis, Dr. Damon Dierker (Eye Surgeons of Indiana) explains how his practice was able to successfully implement the Partner Program and the benefits to their patients.

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Weston Contact Lens Institute

Elise Kramer, O.D.

In this video Dr. Elise Kramer talks about how DryEye Rescue system helped create a proper Dry Eye environment in her practice and how to manage contact lens patients with dry eye.

Janelle Davison, O.D.

Brilliant Eyes

Dr. Janell Davison of Brilliant Eyes shares her thoughts on how DryEye Rescue has helped her practice create more Dry Eye awareness and improve patient compliance.

Josh Davidson, O.D.

Williamson Eye

In this zoom call with Dennis, Dr. Davidson talks about how the program helped ensure patient compliance by making it easier for doctors to recommend products and super convenient for patients to re-order.

Todd Cohan, O.D.

Midwest Dry Eye

Dr. Cohen talks about how he created a Dry Eye Specialty center focused on MD referrals and how the DryEye Rescue Partner Program has helped ensure patient compliance.

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