Aaron Evans, O.D.

DryEye Rescue Co-Founder & CEO
aaron evans

Meet Aaron


Aaron Evans, an optometrist by profession, began his venture into private optometry with the acquisition of his first practice in 2009. His dedication and visionary leadership have since expanded his operations across multiple locations, culminating in the creation of the Eyecare Advisors Group. Aaron’s commitment to delivering an elevated eye care experience, coupled with significant investments to enhance patient care, has redefined the standards for optometry practices in South Florida.

Recognizing the challenges faced by private optometrists, Aaron shifted his focus from clinical practice to developing innovative ventures aimed at addressing the needs within the optometry business. Among these initiatives is DryEye Rescue, a bold and groundbreaking startup, where Aaron, as its co-founder and CEO, has propelled to the forefront of the eye care industry. DryEye Rescue has introduced a comprehensive system that supports eye doctors nationwide in expanding their practices and elevating the level of patient care, showcasing Aaron’s ongoing influence on improving the optometry landscape.

Early Life and Education

Born in Pensacola, Florida, Aaron grew up in an extremely close family environment, with 13 relatives in the same neighborhood. His childhood was characterized by a strong involvement in competitive sports, which instilled in him leadership skills and a robust competitive spirit. Excelling academically, Aaron graduated at the top of his class from Florida State University and later, Nova University, where he received his Doctorate in Optometry in 2008.

Early Career and Path to Leadership

Shortly after graduation, in 2009, amidst a challenging economic climate, Aaron acquired his first optometry office. Confronted with the need to stand out, he innovated unique service and product offerings that set his practice apart from competitors. His success in expanding his patient base led him to enlarge his first location and acquire a second practice within two years, a testament to his effective strategies.

Creating Eyecare Advisors

The intense dedication evolved into the creation of Eyecare Advisors Group. Starting from a single practice in 2009, the group has grown quickly, now operating several locations throughout South Florida.

Eyecare Advisors is known for its expertise in both taking over existing practices and starting new ones, always making sure they meet our high standards.

Tenure as CEO

Aaron now oversees nine private practices, having shifted his focus from direct patient care to business development. As CEO, he manages all facets of these practices and concurrently leads as the Co-Founder and CEO of Dry Eye Rescue, a national network specializing in Dry Eye Disease.

Leadership Style and Philosophy

Aaron’s leadership style is best described as relaxed yet demanding of high standards. He adheres to a philosophy of treating staff and patients like family, believing this approach naturally leads to success. His patient-centered mindset drives him to invest significantly in his facilities, ensuring they are among the best in the region.

Contributing to Optometry Solutions

Aaron Evans has made significant strides beyond his work as an optometrist, identifying and addressing the challenges that private practices often face. His first initiative was a pioneering an e-commerce platform, tailored to give optometrists across the nation cost-effective access to designer eyewear. This platform has empowered more than 2,000 eye doctors to keep their practices competitive by offering high-quality frames at more accessible prices, a vital move in times of financial strain and reduced insurance reimbursements.

Redefining Access to Dry Eye Care

Building on the success of his e-commerce platform to doctors, Aaron co-founded DryEye Rescue, an innovative company dedicated to expanding dry eye services for eye care providers. It has quickly gained traction as one of the most prominent names in the eye care industry, providing solutions for practices and relief for patients suffering from dry eye disease. Aaron’s ventures have significantly broadened the scope of eye care, marking his contributions as transformative in the field.

The Secret Sauce

Aaron’s success in the competitive field of eye care can largely be attributed to his remarkable ability to surround himself with quality individuals. This talent has not only been pivotal in his professional life but has also fueled his appetite for expansion in all aspects of eyecare.

Personal Interests and Endeavors

An avid golfer, Aaron finds solace in the sport, playing weekly to rejuvenate his mind. He thoroughly enjoys the offerings of South Florida – its weather, boating opportunities, and vibrant events. A family man, Aaron has been happily married for over 12 years and is a devoted father to his two young daughters.

Future Vision and Goals

With a passion for creating and growing businesses, Aaron is committed to further expanding both EyeCare Advisors and Dry Eye Rescue, ensuring they continue to set industry benchmarks for years to come.  He stands as a visionary in the field of optometry, exemplifying how innovative leadership and a commitment to excellence can redefine an industry.

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