Thiago Pinheiro

DryEye Rescue Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Thiago Pinheiro

Meet Thiago

Thiago Pinheiro began his journey in the advertising industry by founding his first agency in 2012. His expertise in corporate branding and visual communication, combined with practical marketing strategies, helped establish him as a reputable branding expert in the industry.

Besides his skill sets as designer and developer, he prides himself on being a problem solver, and his ability to bring ideas into reality.

The key to his success lies in his exceptional ability to excel across various aspects of the branding and marketing implementation process, maintaining a high standard in each area. In the early years of his agency, Thiago was mostly a one-man show, skillfully handling everything from designing brand identities and building websites to creating printed graphics and installing storefronts.

His passion for brand identity still at his core; he remains hands on in multiple projects, from design to product development. In the list of creative achievement, Thiago has been instrumental in shaping and elevating brands, particularly in the dental and eye care sectors.

In the dental industry, Thiago played a pivotal role as the architect behind the development and marketing of the Done In One brand. His expertise and strategic approach contributed to positioning it as one of the most innovative companies in implant dentistry.

In eye care, his notable contributions include the creation of distinctive brands for Eyecare Advisors such as Bocaview, Seaview, View, Visual Eyes. These brands reflect his unique blend of creativity and strategic vision, further solidifying his status in professional circles.

In 2019, Thiago made a pivotal move by partnering with two of his key clients, leading to the transformation and expansion of his agency Skypine Creative, into Daart Advertising. This strategic shift allowed the agency to focus primarily on eye care and dentistry, working exclusively with Eyecare Advisors, and Done In One, paving the way for future ventures.

Not long after, Thiago embarked on his next venture, co-founding DryEye Rescue alongside his partner and mentor, Dr. Aaron Evans. This venture quickly grew into one of the most exciting brands in the eye care space, bringing a fresh and innovative presence in the market.


Digital Media Arts College (Lynn University)

Bachelor of Fine Arts:

  • Graphic Design
  • Cum Laude
  • December 2010


Skypine Creative

Owner: 2012 – 2018

Eyecare Advisors

Advisor: 2012 – Present

Daart Advertising

President: 2018 – Present

DryEye Rescue

Partner: 2019 – Present
Thiago by Hybrid Displays

Besides his pivotal role in brand building and marketing for DryEye Rescue, Thiago achieved a significant milestone in product development. He masterfully designed the DryEye Rescue Kiosk from the ground up, effectively bringing Aaron’s vision to life. This major achievement led to more than 500 kiosks now prominently featured in numerous practices throughout the U.S., showcasing the tangible success and cool impact of his product design skills.

Through DryEye Rescue, Thiago has showcased his exceptional ability to create and nurture dynamic brands, cementing the venture’s status as a leading and influential entity in the eye care industry.

Away from work, Thiago’s greatest joy is raising his family with his wife, his favorite part of life. He also enjoys the outdoors and a variety of sports. This balance between his professional life and personal happiness shows his belief in enjoying both work and family time to the fullest.

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